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A lingering scent of cigarette smoke made me think I had left my window slightly cracked open, but upon leaving today I found a smoldering cigarette butt sitting on a landing of the (interior) stairs. I know that smokers are not nessecarily inconsiderate people, my first college roomate was a smoker and I didn't find realize it for almost a month, but smoking gives inconsiderate people a whole new dimension for them to express themselves with.
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1) Still raining.

2) I just had a character pop into my head, complete with a bit of dialog that identified a couple of other characters and gave some hints as to plot. However, it's completely useless for the project I intend to be working on, and requires world attributes that I don't think fit with any partial ideas I have sitting around.

3) I just gave up on another book I was reading for a reason I find annoyingly frequent. What genre or subgenre is to blame for the infiltration of these plots into so many sci fi and fantasy books? I'd guess somewhere in either the Romance, or Literary ends of things, but I'm not sure. What I'm talking about is the stories that are all about political intrigue and all of the problems result from character A not talking to person B. Also B doesn't talk to C, C doesn't talk to A, and D doesn't talk to anybody.

Meanwhile the villain (and it's almost always a single figure dancing through everything without a single mis-step) is manipulating the entire thing behind the scenes and while the reader knows immediately, even those characters who should know better don't do anything that might slow him or her down. It only take two characters actually talking about their problems to realize that there might be a common thread, they talk to a third and it's confirmed, and by the fourth they've got the bastard nailed to the wall, but they never think of doing it until the last 50-100 pages. Besides, it makes the villain a cardboard cut-out Machiavelli. They kind of have have to be, since they're building a fragile house of cards, almost invariably manufacturing accusations of infidelity or treason completely out of thin air, without ever being caught.

You know, the more I think about it, the more i think it's probably a subgenre of Romance that's to blame. It has the right ... superficial (not the right word, but it will have to suffice) feel to it.
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So I woke up today, turned on my computer and got a primary HDD S.M.A.R.T. error. Okay, no big deal, I've got everything important backed up and from past experience I can usually clone the drive so I don't even need to do a reload. Of course, first I need to get a drive to clone it to...

So I ended up having to go out and buying one. Which ment going into an electronics store. This close to christmas. In a big city. Well, it could have been worse, at least I was shopping at an odd time of day so the crowds were somewhat less. But the real reason for this post was the prices. I ended up $10 more than I wanted to because I didn't want to wait for an internet order to be delivered, and that was for a Maxtor on clearance so it can't be returned. Please note, that wasn't $10 dollars more than my prefered price, that was $10 more than I feel the drive is worth. They did have some Seagate and Western Digital drives there, but they were all far past the size/price range I have any need for at this time. And some of those were marked up to $50 above suggested retail. I think I'm going to order a spare now that I'm back up and running, and keep it on hand so that I don't have to do this again. Especially considering that even retail is higher than I'm used to paying.

At least Maxtor was bought by Seagate, so I don't have the same quality concerns I would have had a few years ago...
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I don't care if it is primarily a research library, if it has a fiction section, it shouldn't treat it like it is a poor relation.

I know that classifying a books age range is difficult, but splitting a series back and forth randomly between adult and teen, or teen and children, is simply unacceptable.

I know that the building design encourages rotatable stands as well as standard shelves, but distributing the teen fiction section randomly between the two is unacceptable. (as in, the shelves are organized A-Z, but a selection of the books aren't there, they are on the stands instead)

I know teens are worse about putting things back in the proper place than adults are, (though not by much) but allowing the stands to achieve maximum disorganization is completely unacceptable.

Supposedly, the library has two copies of the book I was looking for, both in with a location of "check shelf." They may have been stolen, or may not have, even the librarian I asked couldn't be sure they weren't just somewhere else. No book should have four possible locations that have to be exhausted before you reach "It looks like it's been misplaced." For that matter, with this level of organization, how will they determine if they have been stolen?
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I took a different route while walking today, and came across a store that irritates me. I can't precisely verbalize the way in which it aggravates me, but there's nothing vague about the feeling. The sign for the store was as follows:

Third world market
* liquor
* beer
* cigarettes

Part of it is the name, and part of it is the incredible prevalence of stores selling primarily those three things, none of which I have any interest in. It's the interaction between the two, that strikes an ill-defined third note in this cord of annoyance.
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It's been a boring couple of days combined with someone pulling the fire alarm... at 3 AM. It doesn't take more than a couple of nights of that before one is not great company due to thoughts of a decidedly antisocial nature.
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I either have a new neighbor, or an existing neighbor's alarm clock just broke. I would have noticed the alarm going from 6 am to 9 am a long time ago if neither was the case. In addition to wanting it to stop, I want to know how it started. Normal alarmclock have much shorter active periods. I've encountered everything from 15 minutes to a full hour (mechanical, trigered as ling as the hour display remained the same) but I can't think of ANY reason why 3 hours would be intentional, or how it could be caused.

This would be the downside of a fold away bed. While it gives me plenty of room to exercise, I can't just move it over to the other wall. And since it sounds snough like my own alarm clock that I don't dare come up with a way for it to not wake me. I guess I'm a morning person until my neigbor does something about this. We'll see what sot of response my note brings.


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