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The first rule of troubleshooting is do not make any assumptions.
The second rule of troubleshooting is do NOT make any assumptions.

Note to prospective consumers of troubleshooting:
If we ask you to check and make sure the thing is plugged in, please don't be insulted. It's not that we think you wouldn't have checked something so simple before contacting us, it's merely that we had been tripped up by that assumption at some point in the last few weeks. And sometimes the power cord was merely doing a very good "plugged in" imitation rather than the real thing, and persuading you to check again might uncover this fact.

A related note, to both recipients:
Things can change rapidly with computers. Just because the person with the problem has tried that already, it doesn't mean that the troubleshooter shouldn't have them do it again. They needn't even have made a mistake the first time, something may have simply changed in between the time they did it and the time you ask them to do it again.

This message brought to you by a tech call that could have been 10-15 minutes shorter if assumptions hadn't been made.


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