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You might want to double check that your account settings are set to always use HTTPS.

I'm not going to get all panicky about how it's a huge security issue because at least with the way I have things set up here, I hadn't realized that it wasn't already set to that; I saw the little 's' at the end of the http every time I used it and just assumed that always using it was the default. If you want to know why you should double check just to make sure it always uses it, check the article linked by that journal entry.
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In news that I wish was more surprising: Botnet spamming has reportedly reared its ugly head in the presidential campaign. I see four possibilities:

1) It could be exactly what it looks like, a candidate using questionable methods to further their campaign.
2) It could be a "supporter" of the candidate doing this without the campaign's knowledge. Lends itself best to the type of supporter who support is based on something they don't want to acknowledge, such as a drug czar backing an anti drug candidate to keep the drugs illegal and their profits up.
3) It could be someone opposed to the candidate, counting on the average internet user's disgust at such techniques to generate a backlash against the candidate.
4) It could be an advertisement from the botnet's creator, showing off it's capabilities. If they could reasonably take credit for converting a longshot into a contender and then reveal their involvement (using the bot's name, not their own obviously) they would get national, and likely international, news coverage that would reach even those who pay no attention to the latest article in Wired or alert from Symantec.

I think 1 and 4 are the most likely possibilities myself.
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The internet evil refered to by the name Storm Worm is still continuing to thrive and adapt to changes in it's enviroment. It has now started attacking researchers who try attaching to the network with reverse engineered versions of the virus to atempt to investigate it's control structure. When you look at an overview of it's traits it's looking more and more like a life form isn't it. I've always said that the first AIs wouldn't necesarily be evil the way some Sci-Fi authors like to portray, but if one were to evolve from something originally parasitical in nature...


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