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Okay, I've known for years that packaged foods rarely live up to their marketing pictures. I've even gotten fairly good at guessing what the actual contents might look like based on past experience with how the various ingredients handle freezing/drying/canning. This time neither the picture nor my guess where anywhere close. every ingredient promised by the label and the illustration were indeed present, but not in the expected forms. I'm guessing it had to do with differing cooking times, but other manufacturers have come up with much more . . . elegant solutions to that problem. And in the end it tasted like a generic microwave meal, something I'm training myself to expect more than.
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As I may have mentioned before, I have one of those half-sized fridges with a small freezer "compartment" in the top. This obviously makes it hard to find a setting that keeps the freezer stuff frozen without also freezing everything everything else as well. As a result I rarely buy ice cream, and I've gotten used to it being an . . . interesting experience. Semi-liquid despite frost covering the outside of the package, wonderful soft serve imitations, parts of mixed flavor containers being solid while others aren't, or other similar things. But this time was different.

Walgreens Andes Creme de Menthe. For some reason this ice cream was perfect for this temperature to transform it into something more than it was before. It remained completely solid, I could hold the carton upside down without creating a mess, but it didn't feel cold in my mouth and the texture was similar to that of whipped cream. I wonder if it was just an excessively aerated batch or if this is a reproducible result. And if it is reproducible, whether this flavoring is necessary for the effect or if it could be obtained with others, possibly at slightly different temperatures. One thing is certain, I don't have enough control over the temperature with my fridge for proper experimentation.
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Must remember that horseradish is related to mustard, and therefor should be used similarly. Also, prepared food is less likely to have an overwhelming amount of it compared to, say, jalapeno or black pepper.


Feb. 18th, 2008 12:46 pm
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I have long been aware of just how varied microwave cooking times are, but I hadn't quite grasped the conventional ovens can be just as varied. Over that last few months I have cut down both the heat and the time significantly for the instructions, and it's still somewhat over-cooked. I'm just glad that it turned out to be very forgiving about being over-cooked, because my initial try (the bottom of the listed ranges, since it's easy enough to just put it back in for longer if it's not done, right?) was over fifty degrees (by the oven's dial) higher and eight minutes longer than my most recent attempt. I'm surprised that there wasn't any smoke and it turned out mostly edible.

At this point the inside is going past optimal and headed towards underdone, but the outside is rather too crisp. This means I need to lower the temp even further while raising the time back up, right? Any guesses as to the ratio? If I end up at a hundred degrees cooler, I'm going to be unhappy with the writers of the instructions, the makers of the over, the previous users of the oven, or some combination of all three.
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I have finally found a place to buy pizza that tastes at least as good the next day. This is an important consideration, and I hadn't been having much luck up to this point. Maybe it's because I'm not looking for California-style pizza, but I'm less than impressed with a lot of what's available near me. Most of it is on par with the offerings I remember from Pizza Dome, which was a favorite on campus more for it's price and the fact that they delivered at one A.M., than for anything regarding the taste. Not exactly bad, but definitely what the DiGiorno comercials refer to when they talk about being as good as delivery.

Anyway, I now have a source for pizza that tastes better than the frozen ones I wouldn't have room for in my freezer anyway.


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