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Sidetracked again :)

Assuming the existence of Luminiferous Aether.

A weapon is designed that projects a bolt or a beam of distortion in the aether and when a solid object gets in the way of the distortion it's molecular bonds gt broken as space gets stretched and twisted around them. What would the beam/bolts look like? The effect itself would be invisible, but there would be some light released by the destruction of air molecules in the way. furthermore, there would be blue shifting, red shifting, or both, of both that light and any light passing through as the paths of the light rays get stretched or compressed. It'll be a very subtle effect in any case, but would it be on the order of visibility of a laser, or of a laser in a deliberately fogged area?


Oct. 3rd, 2007 12:42 pm
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Okay, so I also have a problem with keeping my mind running along a single track, and that just adds to the problem mentioned yesterday. Today I can't stop thinking about quarks, virtual particles, field theory, and high energy physics. I don't think this can be tied in with the other idea, without creating the most recent book I read. There are some differences, sure, but it would still be quite recognizable. So these thoughts go some where else, probably with the spaceship drive problem over there. And then there are the two stories I've got the most done on, neither of which have anything to do with this. Unless... How annoyed would you be with a cyberpunk book that started throwing theology around? Actual Good and Evil don't really fit the genre, and I personally have always found the books that mix dystopian futures with magical beings to be somehow "fluffier" and and I almost automatically held them to lower standards. It might just have been the writing styles of the few I encountered though.


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