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Trying to match an unknown font is FUN!

Edit: it seems to be "Square 721". I've never heard of Square 721. Why is this font even on my computer for me to be able to make this comparison? I'm not one of those people who goes around collecting as many fonts as I can, so it must have come with some program, but which?

Edit^2: Okay, it wasn't Square 721. It looked kind of like it, but I simply could not get things to line up no matter how I changed the size, spacing, etc. Now I think it's probably OCR-A, which I don't have. Why can't anything be easy?
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These slide show ones are easy, the hardest part being tracking down images that will look decent in the small format. Well, that and deciding how long you want each frame to be visible. Anyone have suggestions for something more difficult to try my hand at?

Edit: It looks like LiveJournal's file size limit would translate to 9-10 frames of full color photo-type images. More compressible images such as drawings with large areas of the same color or grayscale images could allow for more frames of animation.
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I recently had reason to figure out how to create and modify animated GIFs using the tools I have on my computer. I'm going to play with that ability a bunch to make sure the knowledge sticks, and I'd be just as happy making something that someone wanted rather than random modifications of whatever images I have on my hard drive. Just point me to where I can get the original image(s) to be manipulated and tell what you'd like the final result to do.
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That first article I linked to, the one about resizing through seaming? Yeah, now not only has it been implemented, there is a website with a Flash version to play around with. It was much happier with an 84kb 400x300 jpeg than it was with a 172kb 1024x768 one, althought that's not a big suprise. Dimensions seem to be a much bigger factor than file size, also not a big shocker for something that works on the pixel level. Fun to play around with, though :)

Oh my

Oct. 3rd, 2007 01:35 pm
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Remember that link I shared a while back about Image resizing? Remember how it was possible to select something you didn't want in the image, and it would preferentially choose peices of it to remove? Well this little algorithim goes far beyond that. The first set of demo images are amazing. I wonder how soon digital image manipulation will become so seamless that anything of an "official" nature will have to be done with film cameras so that there will be negatives as confirmation that the pictures are the same as they were taken?

I've really go to put effort into remembering to tag my posts. If you catch me forgetting, please call me on it, won't you?


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