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From a person who wrote in to Neil Gaiman's blog: This movie looks like it will be, as the end of the teaser says, another wonderful trip through the looking glass.
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Well, I finally found an IMAX showing of The Dark Knight that wasn't sold out and was at a time I could go. Do I think It was worth the wait when I could have gone to a standard showing days ago? Yes, even though I got delayed and ended up having to sit too close, I think it was worth the delay. Was it worth paying twice as much for? No, not really. It takes a different cinematographic style to make full use of the differences between an IMAX theater and a standard. It was better, but not that much better. Do I feel I wasted some of my money? No, now I've got a better idea of what would work in that setting.

As for the movie itself, I can't give it the sort of "ZOMG WONDERFUL!" review everyone else seems to be giving it. Don't get me wrong, I quite liked it, but it was far from perfect. For one thing, that pencil trick? The one that half the people who've seen the movie seem to be saying to watch for? Ehh. That was one of the places where my suspension of disbelief failed. I have a feeling that some of those going on about it are doing so because others did, not because they saw anything anything special about it themselves. Also there were several places where otherwise intelligent people did some things that were so dumb that I was pulled right out of immersion by the attempt to come up with ANY reason why they might have done that. e.g. the cop in that holding cell, or whatever the hell Harvey Dent was trying to do that ended up resulting in his face getting burned.

I also differ from a lot of those who've watched this in that I'm of two minds about this version of the Joker. On the one hand, I like that these movies are riffing on the idea mentioned in V that what's behind a mask is more of an idea than a man. And the idea behind this Joker is the old style Harlequin or Fool who specializes in showing people truths that they would rather not realize. On the other hand, to do this he had to have a level of omniscience that required Batman to also have omniscience in order to beat him. And lets just ignore the imposibilitium bombs he had access to, it is an action movie after all.

In short, this movie was good enough that it lost it's comic book based protection from the consequences of plot holes. Tim Burton's Batman could get away with things that got in the way with this one, because this one was trying so much harder to be realistic.

Still, it was a good movie :)


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