Dec. 9th, 2010 12:09 am
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This won't make sense to some people, but I found it amusing:
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Okay, one of the things I've never figured out is why any sufficiently large and random collection of mine seems to access L space. So far it has happened with Over the Edge collectible card game cards (local game store had them at massive discount, so I ended up with a LOT), Mage Knight figures (cheap, easily modded miniatures), and just now: my music collection on my hard drive. In each case I have at some point gone through the entire thing looking for something that I knew that I had, and not found it. I've also noticed the absence of other things that I thought I had each time. On the other hand, each time I have discovered other things in my collection that I had never seen/heard before.

I'm currently listening to songs off of my hard drive that I have never even heard on the radio, and in some cases have never even heard the band's name mentioned anywhere. Some of it I'm liking, others are getting deleted.

Oh, and in case someone is thinking that (in this case, at least) this is the result of a hacker intrusion, well I doubt it. I know that while I've set up some defenses on my system, a determined attacker could certainly get through. However, after doing so, why would they leave as there only trace 3ish deleted songs and 5 or so new ones?
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I saw someone today wearing a black suit jacket, white shirt, black tie, professional haircut ... and a great kilt, sporran, buckled boots, the whole nine yards of scottish finery on his lower half. Even in a city and state that prides itself on being accepting of "weirdness," he was attracting a lot of stares.


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