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I apologize in the unlikely event that someone other than me had any interest in my mileage reports, but the process of calculating all of my various routes using Google maps has gotten to be just too boring for me. So in lieu of that, have some pictures taken on today's walk:

First a deer )

And then some geese )

There were also some ducks in between, but none of those pictures came out very good. Also, that second picture shows that some of the trees around here agree with the calender that it is now autumn.
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8.1 miles. This time it was going to be a shorter walk, but it was such a nice day out...
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A little vole, maybe 3 inches long including tail. I can't imagine it having been that intact if a car had hit it, but it was dead and was in the street...

3.1 miles, intended to go further but the sun was too hot and the breeze was too sporadic. And of course, now that I back indoors, the cloud cover has returned. At least the turtle I saw sunning itself on a log liked the weather.
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Okay: 1.8, 6.5, and 1.8 mile walks, bringing us up to the halfway point for July.
This gives a total of 41.8 miles so far this month and brings the running total to 194.6 miles.
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9 miles today, complete with a baby rabbit, stag, and unidentified raptor (all in different places, luckily for the baby rabbit)
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Annnnd I'm starting to fall behind in the recording again. I'm doing this for myself and probably just boring everyone else, and yet I can't seem to stay on top of putting up simple one sentence entries containing the miles I've walked in those shoes. (I had also forgotten to tag the last four or five. And since auto-complete means I only have to type one letter to do so, that's just being lazy)

6.7 yesterday.
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The last couple of days have been gardening days, so only 1.8 miles of walking.
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A beautiful day for being outdoors resulted in 8.3 miles of (mostly) wonderful scenery. (I did have to use some main roads to get to the other side of a freeway and back)

And I'm not even tired! I suspect I'd regret it tomorrow if I went back out today, though...
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Yay! The unpleasant weather has finally broken. 5.9 miles to start off July, a little late.
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trying not to get behind again: 1.8 miles
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Right, 11 days without recording. I'll try not to do that again, it makes the routes hard to remember.

2.7, 4.0, 1.8, 5.0, 2.7, 6.6

Edited to add the one (grump) further walk from the remainder of the month:
|year-to-date: 152.8 |
|june-to-date:  60.4 |
you know, I can really see why walmart/kmart/etc sneakers had a tendency not to survive long in my care... At this point I'd guestimate 300ish miles for sandal weather which would make 200 a reasonable guess for each of the ten summers with my previous pair of tevas or around 2000 miles. A random question tossed into google turns up the route from Boston, Mass. to Austin, Texas as being about that long. (which walk, by the way, someone is apparently doing with two dogs)
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4 miles more or less on the nose, with a bonus sighting of the raccoon. (or possibly another one) This time I got a clearer view and it was definitely a raccoon; the tail stripes and mask kind of blending into it's dark fur but they were definitely there if you looked for them.
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Ha, caught my laziness early this time. Yesterday's mileage: 5.2 miles, which oddly enough pairs well with the previous day's to produce an nice even ten miles.
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This time the creature exhibiting the odd behavior in question was a person. They were out walking their cat . . . in an odd stroller-like contraption. Sort of like a car carrier with wheels and a push handle, except made out of nylon cloth. The cat appeared to be asleep.

First question: What was this woman trying to accomplish?
Second question: Why does this product exist? It didn't appear to be large or sturdy enough to be a piece of re-purposed baby gear.

Mileage: 4.8
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Oddity the First: A mid-sized furry creature ran across the road a ways in front of me going from one patch of underbrush to another. First identification based primarily on body shape: raccoon. However, it was crossing in broad daylight and it seemed to me to be a uniform dark brown without any distinctive markings so secondary ID: an odd breed (or mix of breeds) of cat or dog. Except it mode of locomotion wasn't like anything I had seen from a cat or dog before; it put me more in mind of an otter running (specifically the humping of the back) Possibly a young raccoon with as yet indistinct markings and my mind playing some tricks on me? Any other possibilities?
Edit: It seems I forgot to mention that it had a fairly long somewhat bushy tail and a pointier snout more in keeping with a carnivore/insectivore/omnivore than an herbivore. Hmm, now this could very easily be the what I saw. almost all the pictures I had been finding before had FAR more prominent markings and had much grayer fur. With this picture as a guide, all I'd have to have miss-seen would be the face. (oh, add the way it moved, but then I've never actually watched a raccoon run)

Oddity the Second: My brain insists that I didn't actually see what my eyes insist I saw, namely a butterfly chasing a bird. I saw an orange monarch-like butterfly (I'm fairly sure it wasn't an actual monarch butterfly) fluttering around a field. I then saw a bird launch itself from a tree on a trajectory that seemed to indicate it thought the butterfly would make a nice snack. It then either missed or decided that something that shade of orange might not be that tasty after all and headed back towards the tree it came from. The butterfly, however, now left off it's random wandering and followed the bird straight (well, as straight as a butterfly is capable of flying...) back to the tree. This apparently spooked the bird which suddenly changed directions and headed downwind at high speed with the butterfly still in apparent hot pursuit now seemingly covering distance faster than I've ever seen a butterfly move before. Maybe it got caught up in the birds wake? And having something, anything, following it so closely spooked the bird??? Maybe?

Belated trip lengths: 3.3, 2.7, 6.0, 1.2, and 5.3 plus the 3.3 I actually remembered to record on the first for 21.8 miles in June so far and 113.7 miles total.
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and today the weather wasn't too great for long walks so my planned excursion was trimed down to 3.3 mile loop to one of the libraries.
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Right, I seem to have been remiss in my recording again. for the 30 day mark there should be another 3.4 and 5.2 for a total of 75.1 miles between April 25 and May 25. Then there are three walks of 4.8, 5.2, and 6.8 miles in between then and the 31st offering an alternative of saying 71.9 miles for the month of May. Either way, it's 91.9 miles heading into June, and I'll be able to easily match up monthly totals with the calender from here on.
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Yesterday's walk was approximately eight miles. Over to the nature center, around the trails there (hence the approximation) and back the way I came. Judging by the lack of complaints from my body today, that's about a good length to consider when planning other walks. Total moves up to 66.5
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Right, I seem to have gotten behind again. Lets see... 2.8, 6.0, and 1.8 miles. I haven't gone on the walk I plan for today yet, but if I put this off until afterward I may forget again. 58.5 total as of yesterday.
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As I was walking today I saw a squirrel shoot across my path, followed hotly by a robin which repeatedly dived at it with a ferocity I had previously associated only with mockingbirds. The squirrel was running flat out, as if it thought the bird on its tail was some sort of raptor, and the chase went on out of my sight. Much further than I would associate with protecting a nest zone.

Anyway, 9.5 miles taking me to yet a third library, (only would have been 6.5 mile round trip, but I took the scenic route) but I don't think I'll be going to this one much in the future. It is bigger than the two closer branches, but it's not that much bigger, and it's part of the same system as one of the others as far as requesting items is concerned. That brings me to 47.9 miles, but I think it will be a while before I try a walk of this length again.


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