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Okay, that was far more excitement than I bargained for.

Things are not going well in my area after all. I forgot about all the animals that live around here. While a person on foot can't keep up with someone on a bike short of running, which these things don't seem to have the co-ordination for, a deer can. I'm just glad that i did not go out unarmed*, and that my bike didn't take any damage when I bailed off it to deal with the threat. Still, I managed to get back home in one piece. It's starting to get dark out, so we're going to hole up here and hope the doors hold up till we can try to get to a safer place in the morning. We blocked them as best we could, and as long as we're not dealing with creatures with hands, we should be good short of a zombie moose. I hope to heaven that I never see an undead moose. Actually, I'm more worried about small animals than big ones. A building this old as too many cracks and minor openings to be sure of getting them all. I don't know how a squirrel could survive being bitten to turn, but if it's spread some other way, I could definitely see them being able to get in here.

Hopefully, I'm just over-reacting and this outbreak will be beaten back. Hopefully you'll all still be here in the morning.

*No, I'm not going to say what I was armed with. In chaotic situations, there are always those who try to take advantage. I may be at greatest risk from other people. Watch Dawn of the Dead if you don't understand what I'm talking about, or thing back to the mess in New Orleans. I trust those of you who I know read this journal, but this is a public forum . . .
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Sometimes, it's good to live in Maine. I mean, I didn't even make the connection to what is happening until I got back home from work and started catching up on LJ. The zombies don't seem to be fairing very well amongst a populous where there are lots of people who hunt and split their own firewood in addition to the standard survivalists and gun-nuts. Admittedly, with graveyards going back to the 1800s or earlier, we'll be in a lot of trouble if they all decide to get back up as well. So far, though, it seems to be just the recently dead. It's probably foolhardy of me, but I'm going to head out on bicycle to look over the situation, if it's worse than it seems I'm going to want to hole up somewhere else. I don't really think this apartment could be barricaded well. As long as I don't try taking any narrow roads, or going through any groups, the bike should give me enough speed to stay safe.


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