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This is something that has bugged me for a while, but for some reason has reached the "need to express it" stage today. A while ago I bought an insulated tote bag so that I didn't have to worry about frozen things thawing on the way back to my apartment from the supermarket. For some reason, I can fit almost twice as much into it as the average bagger at said market. Admittedly, some people do find Tetris challanging even before it gets to fast to keep up with, but we're basicaly talking about fitting rectangular objects into a rectangular container here. All it takes is a moment's thought (for me at least) about the effecient use of the space in front of me rather than just piling the objects in willy-nilly.

For that matter, I carry the things from the freezer aisle in the bag so that I know I'm not getting too much to fit in. These people see me take it all out of the bag in the first place. So, knowing it's possible, why doesn't it seem to occur to them to try re-achieving it? So far, I think there has been a grand total of two times I haven't had to undo their packing and do it right so that none of the refrigerables would be left outside of the insulation.


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