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Sep. 26th, 2008 02:32 pm
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The conspiracy theorists have really been working overtime this year. For example, there's the scenario constructed around the army brigade that has been assigned to potential "homeland" civil unrest and crowd control duties combined with John McCain's sometimes . . . unexpected choices during his presidential campaign. The theory is that McCain is deliberately scuttling his possibility of winning legitimately, so that when he wins due to Diebold voting machines and/or electoral college tricks there will be widespread outcry giving an excuse to turn loose the troops to quell the "rioting."

Now, that's not very interesting because it's just a standard conspiratorial screed, but it leads up to the part I find interesting. There seems to be equal support for a variety of different ways thing go from there. Perhaps Bush would use this to try and stay in power. Or maybe Obama is the real candidate of the conspiracy, the confusion will be cleared away by executive order (possibly eliminating the electoral college) and he will ascend to the capital as the public's golden boy, concealing the fact that he still has all the powers that the unpopular Bush acquired for him. But what if Obama gets killed in the confusion and McCain regains his popularity by repudiating the tactics that (completely without his knowledge, of course) made his election seem fraudulent? Or how about...

There seems to be no agreement whatsoever over who the enemy is, aside from Bush. Normally, there would be a certain amount of Republican, Democrat, it doesn't matter because their both fronts for the Illuminati. This time, however, everyone seems to be assuming that just one of the presidential and vice presidential candidates is in league with Bush and his hidden masters and the rest are at best patsies intended to take a fall or at worst dupes doomed to die.

Some of these people inhabit amazingly intricate and entertaining worlds to visit, but I'm glad I don't (I hope) have to live in one of them.


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